Snail House – The unusual gastropod house in Sofia

One of the local attractions, the house producing the illusion that the gigantic snail crawl along the lane. The Snail House is actually a residential area. The house was built in 2008 by an architect, named Simeon Simeonov.

The house is built in high quality of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. There are no straight walls, corners and edges. It is claimed that in the construction was not used any brick.

The construction of this Snail-House in Sofia’s Simeonovo district lasted almost 10 years and ended in 2009. Despite its strange form, the Snail-House is about eight times more energy efficient than the surrounding buildings/ Image source

Painted in red, orange, green, blue, and brown, Snail House is five stories tall, on the roof are perched small ladybug and butterfly and around crawl other small snails, featuring two tentacles atop its head and curved windows on its side.

Internal design combines ancient antique furniture from owner’s ancestors with funny heating radiators in the form of a frog, a ladybug or pumpkin. The House has already become one of the most popular attractions in Sofia.

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