Day: 7 November 2020

Saint Catherine’s Monastery – The world’s oldest continually operating library in St Catherine

An Eastern Orthodox monastery is named after Catherine of Alexandria. The monastery is controlled by the autonomous Church of Sinai, part of the wider Greek Orthodox Church.

Ensisheim meteorite – The oldest meteorite in the Western world is being exhibited in Ensisheim

Orient Express – The famous terminal station in Istanbul

A long-distance passenger train service created in 1883 by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. The Orient Express was a showcase of luxury and comfort at a time when

Harley-Davidson – The serial one model is being exhibited in Milwaukee

American motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1903. Harley-Davidson is noted for a style of customization that gave rise to the chopper motorcycle style. In 1901, 20 year-old William

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