Torre de Hércules – The world’s only Roman lighthouse still in operation in A Coruña

An ancient Roman lighthouse, was known as the “Farum Brigantium”. This unique construction has a rectangular plan, each side of it measuring approximately 11.75 meters and a total height of 55 meters, of which 34.38 m correspond to the Roman building and 21 meters to the restoration made in 1789 to modernize the aid to navigation system.

It was built in the second half of the 1st century or the early years of the 2nd century A.D. by the Romans at finis terrae (Latin for ‘end of the world’), namely, north-western Hispania, at the great Gulf of Artabro to guide the ships sailing along the most western coast of the Empire.

Its base preserves a cornerstone with the inscription MARTI AUG.SACR C.SEVIVS LVPVS ARCHTECTVS AEMINIENSIS LVSITANVS.EX.VO, permitting the original lighthouse tower to be ascribed to the architect Gaius Sevius Lupus, from Aeminium.

It is the oldest lighthouse in use today. It is the second-tallest lighthouse in Spain, after the Faro de Chipiona.

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