The front face of the newly reconstructed Lal Bahadur Vayanasala and Granthalayam library building resembles a stacked bookshelf or gigantic bookrack.

Veteran sculptor KKR Vengara proposed this unique design for the library building. Covers of popular books, mainly Malayalam, were also used for the design. Artisan Sreedharan C V led the construction of the building, using bricks, roofing tiles and cement to create an interesting exterior of the building.

Lal Bahadur Vayanasala and Granthalayam, library with a bookish design / Image source

The library building’s façade features 400 book covers mostly classics in Malayalam and world literature. The building has around 5000 books and also boasts of a reading room. The library was inaugurated by noted Malayalam writer N Prabhakaran.

The library’s unique design has managed to create an intriguing impact on book lovers and will hopefully help in shaping the minds of generations to come. According to library president, Appukuttan Karayil, “The general perception that youngsters today are not interested in books is proving wrong. The library aims to attract youngsters and the landmark façade is meant to shape young minds.”

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