Ortahisar Castle – The carved middle fortress in Ortahisar

The 90-meter-high rock-castle, which is called Sivrikoya by the inhabitants is an extraordinary example of the rock-cut architecture which is typical of the region.

Although the date of establishment of Ortahisar is not known, perhaps it is 11th century. Hibe Dede, one of the Uzbek Turks, came from Khorasan with his eight siblings at the beginning of the migration from Central Asia to Anatolia from the beginning and settled in Ortahisar.

This family built nine separate dwellings for themselves by developing the castle and the cavities they found ready and carving additional places in the middle of the town. Nine siblings make up the majority of the present people of Ortahisar.

The castle is one of the first multi-story settlements in the world. It is a place that provided shelter and shelter for the historical Silk Road caravans during the Hittite period. This giant fairy chimney castle was carved by the Hittites for the first time.

In the following periods, it was improved and new floors were carved towards higher levels and additions were made. It has been used by the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottomans.

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