The two deaths caused by love inspired the citizens of Teruel and they demanded that the two be buried side by side so that at least in death they could be together. This request was granted by the church. The fame of the couple soon spread through Spain and in 1560 their mummies were exhumed and placed in the tombs where they now rest.

The Mausoleum of the Lovers of Teruel, which holds the most emblematic love story of Spain, is located in the Lovers Square, right next to the Church of San Pedro. According to the legend, Diego and Isabel were both descendants of noble and influential families.

Lovers Of Teruel – Los Amantes De Teruel , Mausoleum Of The Amantes / Image source

The relationship between the two youngsters did not seem to convince her family, because Juan Diego was not the firstborn and therefore did not have any valuable properties. Due to this reason, Diego requested five years to get richer and finally have the means to ask the hand of his beloved Isabel. His request was granted, and Diego went to war, searching for the promised fortune. However, when he returned to Teruel, the five-year deadline had expired. Isabel, oppressed by her father, married an important nobleman of the city. In the day of the wedding between Isabel and her fiancé, devastated Dieg falls dead at her feet. In the next day, a funeral is held to Diego in the Church of San Pedro de Teruel.

During the funeral, a mourning Isabel comes near Diego’s body. She reaches down his face to give him the kiss she denied while he was alive. She does so, but suddenly takes a deep breath and passes away on the body of her lover. After this event, Isabel’s husband orders both of them to be buried in the Church of San Pedro.

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