Kizhi Pogost – The large wooden churches in Kizhi island

A historical site dating from the 17th century. The pogost is the area inside a fence which includes two churches, the 22-dome Transfiguration Church and the 9-dome Intercession Church and a bell-tower.

The Church of the Transfiguration was built on the site of the old one which was burnt by lightning. The builders’ names are unknown. The church with a height of 37 meters is one of the tallest wooden buildings in Northern Europe. Its perimeter is 20×29 meters. According to the Russian carpentry traditions of that time, the Transfiguration Church was built of wood only with no nails apart from the domes and roof shingles. There are approximately 180,000 nails securing the 60,000 roof shingles. The church framework rests on a stone base without a deep foundation, except for the western aisle for which a foundation was built in 1870. Most wood is pine with spruce planks on the flat roofs.

The Church of the Intercession was the first on the island after a fire in the late 17th century destroyed all previous churches. It was first built in 1694 as a single-dome structure, then reconstructed and in 1764 rebuilt into its present design. It stands 32 meters tall with a 26×8 meter perimeter.

The original bell-tower stands 30 meters tall with a 6×6 meter perimeter. Wood types are pine, spruce and aspen.

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