Musée Naval de Monaco – A true maritime encyclopedia in Monaco

It was compiled from the collection of the enthusiastic shipbuilding professor Claude Pallanca and supplemented with a remarkable collection owned by Prince Rainier III.

The museum was founded in 1993 with the help of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the Monegasque Administration and the friendship of Bernard Fautrier and Charles Ballerio. Monaco’s Naval Museum exhibits an extraordinary collection of more than 250 model ships, paintings and maritime objects, dating from ancient times to the present day.

Among the most outstanding exhibits should be mentioned a funerary boat found in a tomb in Egypt, as well as classical Roman and Greek vessels. Full-scale model Viking longboats, Venetian gondolas and Spanish galleons.

Second World War is represented by numerous submarines. The model ship collection is enriched with 550 paintings illustrating ships and aircraft from the Second World War collected by Professor Pallanca. Among modern ships in the collection should be marked a 5 meter long model of the American aircraft carrier “Nimitz”.

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