Castelo de Esporão – The medieval white tower in Reguengos de Monsaraz

Αn architectural fortification structure, considered as one of the most important towers built in the passage from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, it is the former manor at the Mendes de Vasconcelos estate.

The tower was erected by Morgado D. Álvaro Mendes de Vasconcelos, after the middle of the 14th century. Álvaro Mendes was a knight at the home of the Duke of Bragança and governor of the city of Évora.

The Castle of Esporão is a medieval castle in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, district of Évora / Image source

The Torre do Esporão has a quadrilateral plan with the dimensions of 14.5 by 11 meters. Its initial design has been significantly altered over the centuries. The ensemble consists of a fortified arched door, with a spiral staircase through which one accesses the defensive terrace.

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