Klein Curacao lighthouse – The iconic pink tower in Klein Curaçao

Right in the middle of the 1.7 square kilometers uninhabited island, stands the lighthouse. The only structures on the island are the old lighthouse, a beach house, and several huts.

The strong winds from the northeast and currents around the island already in the 19th century led to the wish to build a lighthouse. In 1849 the Prince Hendrik Lighthouse was built, but destroyed by unforgiving hurricanes in 1877. The next lighthouse, which still stands today, was built in the interior of the island again in 1913. It was home to fearless lighthouse keepers, who stayed in the adjoining rooms, without running water or electricity

The lighthouse at Klein Curaçao / Image source

The 22 meters high tower had to be rebuilt three times but is still functioning today. Because of the many shipwrecks, putting the lighthouse back to work was more than necessary. In 2008, the light tower was given a LED beacon with solar panels that still flashes every 15 seconds.

In 2017 a beginning was made with the renovation of the lighthouse. The roof has been renewed and the first floor has been replaced. The next phase was started in 2018. The purpose is to return the lighthouse to its full glory.

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