The Egtved Girl – The Nordic Bronze Age girl rests in Copenhagen

Her burial has been dated by dendrochronology to 1370 BC. She was buried in an oak coffin that was covered by the barrow Storehøj near Egtved, west of Vejle. The coffin was found in 1921, It was sealed and transported to the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, where it was opened, revealing the Egtved Girl.

Aged 16–18 at death, she was slim, 160 centimeters tall, had short, blond hair and well-trimmed nails. She was discovered together with cremated remains of a child in a barrow approximately 30 meters wide and 4 meters high. Only the girl’s hair, brain, teeth, nails and a little of her skin remain preserved.

Treetrunk coffin of the Egtved Girl at the National Museum of Denmark / Image source

In the coffin, the girl was wrapped in an ox hide. On her body she wore a short tunic and a knee-length skirt made of cords. A belt plate of bronze decorated with spirals lay on her stomach. Around each arm was a ring of bronze and she had a slender ring in her ear. At the feet of the Egtved Girl a small bucket of bark had been placed, which once contained a type of beer.

The good preservation of the Egtved Girl is due to the acidic bog conditions of the soil, which is a common condition of this locale.

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