A boxing fight between world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and world light-heavyweight champion Georges Carpentier. On Saturday, July 2, 1921, in the contest, the strength and power of Dempsey was too much for the Frenchman, who was knocked out in the fourth round, with a broken thumb.

Boyle’s Thirty Acres and the Dempsey – Carpentier ring from the air

The bout took place at Boyle’s Thirty Acres, a large wooden bowl arena. The octagonal arena was built specifically for the world heavyweight championship bout. It was initially due to hold 50,000 fans. However, the demand for the international extravaganza was so enormous that promoter Tex Rickard had to expand the arena to hold a capacity of around 90,000 fans.

Boyle’s Thirty Acres had the greatest seating capacity of any amphitheater ever built. It was situated around Montgomery Street and Cornelison Avenue, on a plot of marshland owned by John F. Boyle, site of today’s Montgomery Gardens public housing complex.

By 1952, the site of Boyle’s Thirty Acres had become a Jersey City housing project named Montgomery Gardens. After over 50 years of use, the project began to be emptied and the Jersey City Housing Authority planned to demolish the buildings in order to build mixed-use housing. Three of the six buildings were imploded in August 2015, and one was rehabilitated / Image source

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