Church by the Sea – The chicken church in Madeira Beach

With porthole windows that look like eyes set just above four small red tile awnings that look like a beak, two wings and a tail, the architecture of the nondenominational church in the city of Madeira Beach uncannily resembles a cartoon chicken.

The Church by the Sea, built during 1944–1946. The church tower, which was added to the main building in 1947, was originally topped with a 25ft mast and a beacon that guided Gulf of Mexico sailors back to shore.

The Church by the Sea Madeira Beach, Florida / Image source

At the time, the building was the tallest in the area and the light stayed lit until all the fishermen out at sea that day came safely back to port. The mast has since been replaced with an illuminated cross that sits atop the chicken’s head. Church officials insist that the building’s feathery features are coincidental.

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