Zeugma Mosaic Museum – One of the world’s largest mosaic museum in Gaziantep

The museum’s mosaics are focused on Zeugma, which is said to have been founded as Seleucia by Seleucus I Nicator, a general in Alexander the Great’s army.

The 30,000 m2 museum has some of the most beautiful mosaics of the world from the ancient city. These mosaics are about 2000 years old and unique in design, color and perfection.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum interior / Image source

The museum was structured in the form of three large units spaces. The main building of the museum complex exhibits the mosaics that have been found at the Ancient City of Zeugma. A unique collection of Late Antiquity church mosaics originating from the vicinity of Gaziantep is on display at the second building. The third building is the section comprising the executive offices and conference rooms.

Besides its 1450 square meters of mosaics, 140 square meters of frescoes, 4 Roman fountains, 20 columns, 4 limestone sculptures, bronze statue of Mars, grave steles, and sarcophagi, when an additional 1000 square meters of mosaics are restored, the museum will have 2500 square meters of mosaics in total.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum / Image source

                                                       Zeugma Mosaic Museum from Kenan Acar on Vimeo

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