The church is constructed in the shape of a dove, but instead reminds many onlookers of a hen. The locals have taken to calling it the chicken church. The building was erected during the 1990s by Daniel Alamsjah, who claimed to have been inspired by God to build a prayer house through a dream he had in 1989. Alamsjah is Christian, but envisioned Gereja Ayam as a place to welcome followers of any religion.

Gereja Ayam, an unusually-shaped church in the area of Magelang / Image source

Due to financial difficulties and local resistance, the construction was halted and the building has since largely been left to deteriorate. In spite of this, in recent years the place has become reasonably frequented by tourists.

In August 2019, Alamsjah, was finally able to complete constructing certain aspects of the building. He completed the construction of the windows and was also successful in paving the roads. The prayer rooms that were underground have been remodelled and the grounds that surround the church are being looked after. The place is now more visually stimulating as the inner walls of the rooms have been decorated with paintings and murals by local artists.

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