National Congress building of Brazil – The big landscape architecture in Brasília

The project, as with most of the city’s government buildings is signed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, who gave the building a monumental character, despite the simplicity of its geometric forms.

Construction of the building of National Congress of Brazil / Image source

The two towers of the building count 28 floors. They are the highest buildings in town. It is front and back fenced by reflecting ponds and lawn. The convex form is the chamber of the Senate and the concave houses the Chamber floor.” The placement of the domes is merely for aesthetic purposes,” Niemeyer said. The Chamber floor is larger than the Senate’s because the number of Representatives is bigger than the number of Senators. In the Chamber, the architectural ensemble consists of the main building and four annexes, amouting 145,00 m².

The Palace of the National Congress is one of the main symbols of the Brazilian State, with its twin towers flanked by the plenary domes of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate / Image source 

The building is located in the middle of the Monumental Axis, the main street of Brasília. On December, 2007, the Institute of Historic and Artistic National Heritage decided to declare the building of the National Congress a historical heritage of the Brazilian people.

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