Statue de la Liberté – A faithful copy of the Statue of Liberty in Colmar

This statue made of resin is a 12-meter high replica of the Statue of Liberty. It was sculpted to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of the sculptor Auguste Batholdi, who was born in Colmar and created the “Liberty lightening the world”.

The Municipality of Colmar has chosen to install in the northern entrance to the town, this replica of the Statue of Liberty. It is intended to honor the most prestigious artist of Colmar and pay tribute to the work of art which is probably the most famous in the world.

The Statue of Liberty replica is located in a traffic roundabout in the celebrated statue’s sculptor’s hometown / Image:

This statue is also another link with the United States, already symbolized since 1986 by the signature of a twinning agreement between Colmar and the university town of Princeton, not far from New York.

Auguste Bartholdi was born in Colmar in 1834. He became an artist from an early age and traveled to Yemen and Egypt for inspiration. Seeing the giant ancient sculptures in Egypt, he got the idea to create a massive sculpture himself.

Statue de la Liberté  (Liberty Enlightening the World) replica in Colmar / Image:
Bartholdi’s hometown Colmar has a number of statues and monuments by the sculptor, as well as a museum founded in 1922 in the house in which he was born / Image: 


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