Památník Lidice – The memorial to the children victims of the war in Lidice

A sculpture from the 1990s by Marie Uchytilová, overlooks the site of the old village of Lidice. The monument comprises 82 bronze statues of children (42 girls and 40 boys) aged 1 to 16, to honor the children who were murdered at Chełmno in the summer of 1942.

On 10 June 1942 the Nazis killed all 173 adult men and 52 women in Lidice as a reprisal for the assassination of Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich, the Reichsprotektor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The village was razed, seventeen children who were considered suitable to be “Germanized” were removed, and the remaining women and children, separated, were sent to concentration camps. The children were gassed that summer in mobile vans at Chełmno.

Work began on the memorial in 1980, but it was not until 2000, ten years after Uchytilova’s death, that it was completed by her husband.

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