Isaac Newton – The legendary apple tree in Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth

Although it has been said that the apple story is a myth and that he did not arrive at his theory of gravity at any single moment, acquaintances of Newton do in fact confirm the incident.

Newton’s apple tree holds a special place in the annals of science. In 1665, the just-graduated Newton fled to his family home to avoid a plague outbreak. After observing an apple fall from the then-young tree, Newton considered what force could pull objects in a straight line towards the earth. It was the first step towards his theory of gravity, which he would publish in 1687.

The Isaac Newton’s apple tree / Image source

The King’s School, Grantham claims that the tree was purchased by the school, uprooted and transported to the headmaster’s garden some years later. The staff of the National Trust-owned Woolsthorpe Manor doubted this and claimed that a tree that exists in his gardens is what is described by Newton.

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