World Cup – The first goal in the first stadium in Montevideo

This stadium was mainly used for football matches of the owner club Peñarol from 1921 to 1933. It was demolished later in the 1930s because Peñarol started to play in the Estadio Centenario as its home field, and additionally due to the increasing urbanization of Montevideo.

Lucien Laurent scored the first ever FIFA World Cup goal.

The first FIFA World Cup goal was scored at the Estadio Pocitos by the French player Laurent. The game was France against Mexico and was one of the two games that opened the World Cup, the other being held at the same time in Parque Central.

This stadium was one of the first soccer stadiums to include elliptical stands, taken from the model of the ancient Greek theatre. It has been said that the Estadio Centenario was planned to be a “giant version” of this stadium.

Estadio Pocitos, the first FIFA World Cup goal was scored in this stadium by the French player Laurent.
“Cero a cero y pelota al medio”- “Zero to zero and ball in the middle”, says the milestone in homage to the midfield of the Pocitos stadium
The milestone of the arch where the first goal was scored in the history of the World Cups is one block later

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