Kaiyuan Temple – The impressive colorful museum-memorial in Xikou

A monumental temple of Zheng Chenggong, the prince of Yanping. Zheng was a loyal Chinese Ming who resisted with a fearless heroic spirit the conquest of China by Qing in the 17th century, fighting them on the southeast coast of China.

Τhe central statue of the Chinese national hero is 54 meters high. The left and right guards are his subordinates: General Wanli and General Gan Hui. They were built at the end of 2016, each with 24 meters.

The monumental temple of Zheng Chenggong / Image source

The main hall and the statue are 10 floors high. The interior is the Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall. The museum presents the historical materials of the development of Zheng Chengong’s life and his sacrifices for the country, calligraphy and weapons.

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