Alyosha Monument – The gigantic Russian soldier stands in Murmansk

The 35.5 meters monument is the second tallest statue in Russia after The Motherland Calls in Volgograd, and represents the figure of an unknown soldier in a greatcoat with a submachine gun slung over his shoulder. Alyosha monument was built to honor Soviet soldiers, sailors and pilots of World War II.

The soldier faces west, toward the Valley of Glory, where the fiercest fighting of the Arctic Campaign occurred when the German invaders were turned back from the approaches to Murmansk at the Zapadnaya Litsa River in July 1941.

Memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War, commonly called Alyosha. The monument was designed by I. A. Pokrovsky and erected under the supervision of I.D. Brodsky / Image source

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