Musée océanographique de Monaco – The museum of marine sciences in Monaco

The museum was inaugurated in 1910 by modernist reformer of Monaco and oceanographer, Prince Albert I. It is home to the Mediterranean Science Commission and is part of the Oceanographic Institute.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is home to exhibitions and collections of various species of sea fauna. The museum’s holdings also include a great variety of sea related objects, including model ships, sea animal skeletons, tools, weapons etc., as well as a collection of material culture and ritual objects made from, or integrating materials such as pearls, mollusks and nacre.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco / Image source

An aquarium in the basement of the museum presents a wide array of flora and fauna. Visitors can see four thousand species of fish and over 200 families of invertebrates. The aquarium also has a presentation of Mediterranean and tropical marine ecosystems.

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