Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral – The largest cathedral in the Americas in Mexico City

The Cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico. It is located above the former Aztec sanctuary in Downtown Mexico City. The construction of the cathedral began in the 16th century by the Spanish architect Claudio de Arciniega who designed the construction, drawing inspiration from Gothic cathedrals in Spain.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven c.1880

Several architects, painters, sculptors, worked at some point in the construction of the cathedral enclosure, which took over 200 years to complete. The cathedral was partially constructed in various architectural styles, including Gothic, Baroque, Churrigueresque, Neoclassical styles, including various ornaments, paintings, sculptures and furniture inside.

The cathedral is situated near the Templo Mayor on the northern side of the Plaza de la Constitución or or Plaza del Zócalo in Downtown Mexico City / Image source

The church is about 60 meters by 130 meters long, while the towers reach a height of 70 meters. It consists of two bell towers, a central dome, three main gates. It has four facades containing gates framed by columns and statues, and a total of about 150 windows.

It has sixteen chapels which are each dedicated to different saints. The cathedral houses two of the largest instruments of 18th century America. There is a crypt under the cathedral that holds the ruins of many former archbishops.

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