Battle of Bomarsund – The fall of the defensive position of the Russian Empire in Bomarsund

The battle took place in the summer of 1854, during the Åland War, which was part of the Crimean War. The Anglo-French alliance attacked the Russian defense at Bomarsund fortress by land and sea.

After many days of continuous bombardment by the navy and ground artillery, the fortress suffered extensive damage resulting in its surrender to British and French forces in mid-August 1854.

Only parts of the walls are still standing. Bomarsund was a 19th-century fortress, the construction of which had started in 1832 by Russia / Image source

About 2,000 Russian troops surrendered. Allied forces completely destroyed the fortress before leaving Bomarsund. After the end of the Crimean War, the Åland Islands were demilitarized in 1856, and the fortress was never rebuilt.

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