Olduvai Gorge Museum – The history of millions of years in Ngorongoro

The museum exhibits a focus on paleoanthropological research and artifacts coming mainly in and around Olduvai Gorge in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, such as various artifacts, humanoid fossils and excavation maps.

The museum was founded in the late 1970s by Mary Leakey, an British paleoanthropologist who conducted research in the Olduvai gorge. After Mary’s death in 1996, the Olduvai Gorge Museum was put under control of the Tanzanian government’s Department of Cultural Antiquities.

In 2018 the museum was renovated with new larger and improved spaces for the presentation of exhibits with the possibility of educational experience for museum visitors, cultural sites dedicated to Maasai culture, restaurant, theater and hall dedicated to the Leakey family.

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