Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – The birthplace of the greatest Bengali in Tungipara

A Bangladeshi politician and statesman. He is called the “Father of the Nation” in Bangladesh. He served as the first President of Bangladesh and later as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1971 until 1975 when he and most of his family were killed by rebel officers during a coup.

The house where Sheikh Mujib was born in Tungipara / Image source

He became a leading figure in and eventually the leader of the Awami League (a social liberal political party in Bangladesh), founded in 1949 as an East Pakistan-based political party in Pakistan. Sheikh Mujib or Mujib is credited as an important figure in efforts to gain political autonomy for East Pakistan and later as the central figure behind the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born in Tungipara, a village in Gopalganj District in the province of Bengal in British India, on March 17, 1920. His father Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and his mother Sheikh Sayera Khatun had four daughters and two sons. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was their third child.

Today, the house where the Bangladeshi leader was born is now part of the Mausoleum Complex, where Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s burial ground is located.

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