Palacio Salvo – One of the most iconic landmarks of America in Montevideo

The building was designed by the architect Mario Palanti, an Italian immigrant living in Buenos Aires, who used a similar design for his Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Finished in 1928, Palacio Salvo stands 100 meters high.

Confiteria La Giralda at the intersection of 18 de Julio Avenue and Plaza Independencia / Image source

The Art Deco-Eclectic building was originally intended to be a hotel, but this plan didn’t work out, and it has since been occupied by a mixture of offices and private residences.

Palacio Salvo was built on the site where the Confiteria La Giralda was once located, a meeting point for the citizens and the cradle of 1916 of “La Cumparsita” by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez / Image source 

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