Saltair Pavilion – The great former resort in Magna

The first Saltair, completed in 1893, was jointly owned by a corporation associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway. It was designed by well-known Utah architect Richard K.A. Kletting and was one of the early amusement parks, and for a time was the most popular family destination west of New York. The church finally sold the resort in 1906. The first Saltair pavilion destroyed by fire in 1925.

Several months later, a new pavilion was built, and the resort was expanded at the same location by new investors. Saltair II suffered more fire damage in 1931, closed during World War II, and was razed by arson in 1970.

Saltair c. 1890s

Proximity to Interstate 80 (an east–west transcontinental freeway in the United States), plus new population expansion into the Tooele Valley and the western Salt Lake Valley, prompted the construction of a third Saltair in 1981.

The new pavilion was constructed out of a salvaged aircraft hangar from Hill Air Force Base, and located approximately a mile west of the original. Once again the lake was a problem, this time flooding the resort only months after it opened. Today, Saltair is a venue for music concerts.

Saltair III / Image source

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