University of Liberia – One of the oldest institutions of higher learning in West Africa in Monrovia

A publicly funded institution of higher learning. Authorized by the national government in 1851, the University opened in 1862 as Liberia College and became a full University in 1951.

The University now has four campuses: Capitol Hill, Fendall, Medical School Fendall, and Starz-Sinji campus located in Sinji, Grand Cape Mount County.

In 1847, Liberia declared its independence from the American Colonization Society. In 1851 the new national legislature authorized the creation of a state college and chartered Liberia College / Image source

University of Liberia is the oldest degree-granting school in West Africa, and is accredited by Liberia’s Commission on Higher Education Classes are taught in English with the academic year running from September through August.

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