Museo Nacional de Costa Rica – One of the country’s most interesting and impressive museums in San José

In 1887, under the presidency of Bernardo Soto, the National Museum was created with the purpose of providing the country with a public establishment to deposit, classification of natural and cultural wealth. Construction of the building began for military use in 1917 and was completed after about a decade. In 1950 it officially opened as an exhibition place.

The museum exhibits pre-Columbian stone slabs and ceramics / Image source

The Museo Nacional de Costa Rica provides information about the geology, archeology, pre-Columbian, religious, colonial and modern history of Costa Rica. Among other things, pre-Columbian stone tablets and ceramics are exhibited, as well as gold objects in the Sala de Oro and some of the stone balls from Costa Rica in the courtyard.

The northwest tower of barracks behind the museum / Image source
Stone spheres made by the Diquís culture in the courtyard of the National Museum of Costa Rica / Image source

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