Borobudur ship – Τhe reconstructed Indonesian historic ship is being exhibited in Magelang


The 8th-century wooden double outrigger sailing vessel of Maritime Southeast Asia depicted in some bas reliefs of the Borobudur Buddhist monument in Central Java, Indonesia. The ships depicted on Borobudur were most likely the type of vessels used for inter-insular trades and naval campaigns.

The reconstructed Borobudur ship as the centerpiece of Samudra Raksa Museum / Image source

Philip Beale, a British sailor, became interested in depictions of the ship at Borobudur and decided to reconstruct one. Aided by government and international bodies, he organized an expedition team that constructed the ship and, from 2003 to 2004, sailed it from Indonesia to Madagascar and to Ghana, proving that long-distance trade could have occurred.

Museum Kapal Samudraraksa houses the ship, and also provides other exhibits to interpret the ancient naval history of the Indonesians.

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