National Museum of Mauritania – A large archaeological and ethnographic collection of the African country in Nouakchott

The museum is housed in a two-storey building constructed in 1972 by the Chinese. This building is housing the Mauritanian Institute of Scientific Research, the Mauritanian Manuscripts Conservation Center and the National Library.

The museum has notable archaeological and ethnographical collections / Image source

National Museum of Mauritania consists of two permanent exhibition rooms and a temporary exhibition room.

The archaeological collections on the ground floor show Mousterian, Aterian and Neolithic artifacts as well as holdings from excavations carried out in several historic Mauritanian cities such as Koumbi Saleh, Aoudaghost, Tichit, Ouadane and Azougui. The ethnographic collections on the first floor contain objects belonging to different cultures of the Mauritanian society.

Epigraphic shale plate from Koumbi Saleh bearing religious formulae and geometric decorations / Image source

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