Lotus Temple – The magnificent Bahá’í House of Worship in Delhi

The temple was built in 1986 by an Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba. Notable for its flowerlike shape, is composed of 27 free-standing marble-clad “petals” arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides, with nine doors opening onto a central hall with a height about 35 meters and a capacity of 1,300  people.

Interior of the Lotus Temple. No statues or icons appear inside the House of Worship / Image source

The surface of the House of Worship is made of white marble from the mountain Penteli in Greece, the same marble that was used for the construction of the Parthenon of Athens. Along with its nine surrounding ponds and gardens, the Lotus Temple property comprises 26 acres. Lotus Temple is the first temple in Delhi to use solar power.

The Lotus Temple and the gardens / Image source

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