Al-Shaheed Martyr’s Memorial – One of Iraq’s most iconic monuments in Baghdad

A monument designed by Iraqi sculptor Ismail Fatah Al Turk and situated in the Iraqi capital. Constructed between in 1983, dedicated to the Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran–Iraq War.

Al-Shaheed Monument, is generally considered by Iraqis to be a commemoration of all of Iraq’s martyrs not just of the Iran–Iraq War / Image source

Al-Shaheed Monument consists of a circular platform 190 meters in diameter in the center of an artificial lake. On the platform sits a 40-meter tall split turquoise dome, which resembles the domes of the Abbasid era. The two halves of the split dome are offset, with an eternal flame in the middle. The outer shells are constructed of a galvanized steel frame, covered in teal-colored ceramic tiles.

Beneath the monument lies a museum, library, gallery, lecture hall and other facilities. The surrounding areas house parks, playgrounds, walkways, bridges and a man made central lake surrounding the complex.

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