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Our site is intended to be an evolving resource for event locations. In addition, it covers in separate categories other aspects, such as all kinds of monuments, archeological sites and important objects. For information, memolands is not a digital encyclopedia or online travel company that manages a website, although it can help the reader choose a destination for a future trip.

Each article in its content, is often accompanied by minimal but essential information and does not provide necessary and basic information about the trip to the destination – location, accommodation and food in it. The memolands cover sites that have been visited personally or not.

Our site could be said to be an easy-to-use location library or site archive with a collection of visual and reporting information and transport sites of many types.

It provides lists of topics, categories, tags, descriptive keywords, geographical locations of places, site types, areas and addresses. The memolands take it for granted, to provide links that lead to websites that are related to the content of an article (such as official websites, etc.) and can be useful to the readers.

Our goal is to inform the existence, the location and the importance of the historical site in whatever form it remains, offering basic information and to compare it, with similarities and differences of then and today. Specifically, the content of our website deals with and includes historical sites, where pieces of political, military, cultural or social history are preserved.

A historic site can be any building, landscape, location or structure that has local, regional or national significance such as historic buildings, monuments of architecture, art or history (churches, castles, fortresses, etc.), religious or secular archeological sites, groups of buildings that, in their entirety, have works of historical or artistic interest, manuscripts, books and other objects of artistic, historical or archaeological interest, as well as scientific collections and important collections of books or archives, whose main and effective purpose is to preserve or exhibit the mobile culture, such as museums, libraries and archives. Also indoor or outdoor locations for filming movies, TV series, music videos or theater, film studios, recording studios, buildings of production companies, theaters, opera, etc. In addition, a separate category includes works of art, historical, archaeological or famous objects, which are contained for reasons of convenience and economy of space, vehicles, planes, ships, etc.

Our website covers topics from society, history, politics, science, art, philosophy, mythology, anatomy, architecture, technology, space, sports, classical studies, literature, awards, professions, education, creativity, faith, nature, birth, death and time.

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