In July 1977, Marley was found to have a type of malignant melanoma under the nail of a toe. Contrary to urban legend, this lesion was not primarily caused by an injury during a football match that year but was instead a symptom of already-existing Continue Reading


On 9 August 1986, Queen performed their last show with their original lineup. The band did not perform live again until after the death of lead singer Freddie Mercury. The Magic Tour supported the band’s album A Kind of Magic. In 1987, Mercury was diagnosed Continue Reading

The 1942 painting portrays the customers at a city coffee shop through the window one dark night. The painting’s setting has never been given. Edward Hopper passed away in 1967 and left only the clue that the painting ‘was suggested by a restaurant on Greenwich Continue Reading

Charlotte Brontë was born on 21 April 1816 in Market Street Thornton, west of Bradford, the third of the six children of Maria and Patrick Brontë, an Irish Anglican clergyman. Charlotte was an English novelist and poet, the eldest of the three Brontë sisters who Continue Reading