The painting dates from 1907/08 at the height of Klimt’s “Golden Period”. The Kiss is an oil-on-canvas painting with added gold leaf, silver and platinum. The painting depicts a couple embracing each other, their bodies entwined in elaborate beautiful robes decorated in a style influenced Continue Reading


King Nebuchadnezzar II ordered the construction of the gate and dedicated it to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. The gate was constructed in about 575 BC on the north side of the city. The roof and doors of the gate were made of cedar, according to Continue Reading

Freud was born to Jewish parents in the Moravian town of Freiberg, in the Austrian Empire, today Příbor, Czech Republic, the first of eight children. Both of his parents were from Galicia, a province straddling modern-day West Ukraine and Poland. The house No. 117 belonged Continue Reading

For decades, Heidi has captured the imagination of children all over the world and captivated the hearts of grown-ups, too. The experience the world-famous story of Heidi in the authentic Heidi Village amidst an impressive mountain scenery. Heidiland, named after the Heidi books, is an Continue Reading