Asteria Kremlin Palace – The monumental hotel complex in Antalya

Opened in the early 2000s. The property was designed to resemble Red Square in Moscow, with its own Kremlin Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and State Historical Museum. The hotel is located in one of the most modern resorts of Antalya – Kundu. Renovated in 2011, the 6-storey beach hotel consists of a main building and 3 adjoining […]


Passio Musicae – The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki

The monument by Eila Hiltunen is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The sculpture by Finnish artist was unveiled on September, 1967. The sculpture won a competition, organised by the Sibelius Society, following the composer’s death in 1957. During the summer, the Monument was assembled in the Sibelius Park from 14 elements. The main part of […]

Oslo Opera House – The home to Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo

The home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The structure contains 1,100 rooms in a total area of 49,000 m2. The main stage is 16 meter wide and 40 meter deep. The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with marble from Carrara, Italy and white granite and […]

Viikki Church – The modern Evangelical Lutheran church in Helsinki

An Evangelical Lutheran church, completed in 2005, it is the newest of the city’s church buildings. The church design by JKMM Architects, is based on the winning entry to an architectural competition for the Latokartano centre in Viikki, organised in 2000. The church is wooden, the floors, ceiling, walls and pillars are made of spruce and the […]

Baiterek Tower – The Mythical Tree in Nur-Sultan

A monument popular with foreign visitors and native Kazakhs, it is emblematic of the city, which became capital of the country in 1997. The tower is considered a symbol of post-independence Kazakhstan. The 105 meter tall structure rises from a wide flat base within a raised plaza. It consists of a narrow cylindrical shaft, surrounded by white […]

Xinghai Square – The largest city square in the world in Dalian

The Square covers a total area of 270 acres. Its name literally means “The Sea of Stars”. Xinghai Square was built at the centennial of the City of Dalian in 1998. The sculptures of 1000 footprints and an opened book facing the sea commemorates the vicissitudes of the city’s history. Around the square are high-end apartments, restaurants, […]