Gereja Ayam – The chicken church in Magelang

The building was erected during the 1990s by Daniel Alamsjah, who claimed to have been inspired by God to build a prayer house through a dream he had in 1989. Alamsjah is Christian, but envisioned Gereja Ayam as a place to welcome followers of any religion. The church is constructed in the shape of a dove, but […]


Krakatau – The biggest bang in Anak Krakatau

The eruption of volcano began on the afternoon of Sunday, 26 August 1883 and peaked on the late morning of Monday, 27 August 1883, when over 70% of the island of Krakatau and its surrounding archipelago were destroyed as it collapsed. The most violent volcanic events in recorded history with an estimated Volcanic Explosivity Index about 13,000 […]