Lou Kau Mansion – The historical traditional house in Macau

The building was built around 1889 as a home of Lou Kau, a prominent Chinese merchant. Lou Kau Mansion is a two-storey, traditional grey-brick courtyard house, with

St. Lawrence’s Church – The elegant catholic church in Macau

Built by the Jesuits in the mid-16th century, this is one of the three oldest churches in Macao. Its present appearance and scale was acquired in 1846.

University of Macau – The next stage of modern higher education in Macau

The genesis of the university dates from 1981 when its predecessor, the private University of East Asia (UEA), was co-founded by Mr Wong King Keung, Mr Edward

Senado Square – The Mediterranean urban center in Macau

The paved square, is an elongated triangular shaped square and connects Largo do São Domingos at one end and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro on the other. It

Macau Government Headquarters – The formerly Governor’s Palace in Macau

Built in 1849 by Tomás de Aquino, architect, for Alexandrino Antonio de Melo, 1st Baron do Cercal, the two story pink façade structure is one of the

The Ruins of St. Paul’s – The façade of the Church of Mater Dei in Macau

The site of a 17th-century Catholic religious complex, St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul. Built from 1602 to 1640 by the Jesuits, the church

St. Augustine’s Church – The Doric-style church in Macau

First established by Spanish Augustinians in the end of the 16th century. St. Augustine’s Church maintains the tradition of organizing one of the most popular processions through

Na Tcha Temple – The Chinese folk religion temple in Macau

Holy House of Mercy – The territory’s oldest social institution in Macau

Established by the first Bishop of Macao, Belchior Carneiro Leitão, in 1569. this institution was modelled after one of the most prominent and oldest charitable organizations in

A-Ma Temple – The worship place of multiple popular beliefs in Macau

Moorish Barracks – A distinctly neo-classical building in Macau

Built in 1874, this building was constructed to accommodate an Indian regiment from Goa appointed to reinforce Macao’s police force. Now it serves as the headquarters of

Sam Kai Vui Kun – The Kuan Tai Temple in Macau

The temple was built after the middle of the 18th century by local Chinese tradesmen. This modest construction is located near the old area of the Chinese

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