George Beauchamp created the “Frying Pan” in 1931, and it was subsequently manufactured by Rickenbacker Electro. The instrument Rickenbacker Electro A-22 earned its nickname because its circular body and long neck make it resemble a frying pan. It was designed to capitalize on the popularity Continue Reading


The Atanasoff–Berry computer was conceived in 1937, the machine was built by Iowa State College mathematics and physics professor John Vincent Atanasoff with the help of graduate student Clifford Berry. It was designed only to solve systems of linear equations and was successfully tested in Continue Reading

The Dodge Monaco sedan 1974 that was prominently featured in the 1980 Universal Pictures film The Blues Brothers. The film used 13 different cars to depict the Bluesmobile, all of which were former police cars purchased from the California Highway Patrol, and were mocked up Continue Reading

This is the original model that was used in Son of Kong. It is very unique because it was designed like a stop-motion model, but was modified into a live-action mechanical model. The live-action capability was necessary when the beast was photographed in the water Continue Reading

The history of basketball began with its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith. Naismith was a 31-year old graduate student when he created the indoor sport in Springfield, to keep athletes indoors during the winters. The game became Continue Reading

A charity single originally recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World. The song was released on March 7, 1985, Continue Reading