Slettnes Lighthouse – The North Cape Light in Gamvik

This lighthouse was built in 1905. The round cast iron tower is 39 meter tall and it is painted red with two white horizontal bands. The light on top emits one long white flash. The lighthouse was automated in 2005. Slettnes Lighthouse is the northernmost mainland lighthouse on Earth. It sits along the Barents Sea approximately 3 […]

Oslo Opera House – The home to Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo

The home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theater in Norway. The structure contains 1,100 rooms in a total area of 49,000 m2. The main stage is 16 meter wide and 40 meter deep. The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with marble from Carrara, Italy and white granite and […]

The Gokstad ship – Τhe largest preserved Viking ship in Norway is being exhibited in Oslo

In 1880, sons of the owner of Gokstad farm, having heard of the legends surrounding the site, uncovered the bow of a boat while digging in the still frozen ground. As word of the find got out, Nicolay Nicolaysen, then President of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments, began excavating the mound from the […]

Monument to Yuri Gagarin – The world’s first large-scale monument made of titanium in Moscow

The statue is made of titanium, a metal often used in spacecraft, and weighs 12 tons. Monument to Yuri Gagarin is a 42.5-meter high pedestal and statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel in space. The pedestal is designed to be reminiscent of a rocket exhaust. The monument was built for the 1980 Olympic Games. […]

The Heddal Stave Church in Notodden

A stave, triple nave stave church and is Norway’s largest stave church. It was constructed at the beginning of the 13th century. After the reformation, the church was in a very poor condition, and a restoration took place during 1849–1851. However, because the restorers lacked the necessary knowledge and skills, yet another restoration was necessary in the […]