Volvo ÖV 4 – The first car by the famous Swedish automotive manufacturer is being exhibited in Gothenburg

The designation ÖV 4 stands for “Öppen Vagn 4 cylindrar” in Swedish, which means Open Carriage, 4 cylinders. The model ÖV 4 has later often been referred

Flying Caduceus – The world’s first “jet” propulsion land speed car is being exhibited in Reno

Los Angeles physician Dr. Nathan Ostich built the Flying Caduceus, in 1960. He chose the car’s name from the medical profession’s “caduceus” symbol of staff with entwined

S500 – The first Honda passenger automobile is being exhibited in Motegi

The second production automobile  from Honda, a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. The S500 released in

Carhenge – The car Stonehenge in the city of Alliance

The monument consists of about 38 vintage American automobiles, all covered with gray spray paint, arranged in a circle measuring about 30 meters in diameter. Some are

Audi Type A – The first automobile of the German company is being exhibited in Ingolstadt

Toyota A1 – The first passenger automobile of the Japan’s company is being exhibited in Nagoya

The production of Toyota automobiles was started in 1933 as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works devoted to the production of automobiles Three A1 prototypes were

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