Scuttling of the French fleet – The “suicide” of the big naval force in Toulon

  Most of the French fleet was scuttled by order of the Admiralty, in reaction to Operation Lila. The objective of operation was to capture the units

Cher – Back to the Battleship in Honolulu

The music video, directed by Marty Callner, takes place on board the battleship USS Missouri. It depicts Cher and her band performing a concert for the ship’s

Battle of the River Plate – The first naval battle in the Second World War in River Plate

The German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee had cruised into the South Atlantic a fortnight before the war began, and had been commerce raiding after receiving appropriate

Battle of Reval – The naval battle off the port in Tallinn

The Swedish king, Gustav III sent the battlefleet under his brother Prince Karl, Duke of Södermanland, to eliminate Admiral Chichagov’s Russian squadron, which had wintered in the

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