Xianren Cave – The site of the immortals in Jiangxi

  An archaeological site and a location of historically discoveries of prehistoric pottery shards and it bears evidence of early rice cultivation. The cave’s name refers to

Panagia Kakaviotissa – The only roofless cave church in the world in Lemnos

Cueva de las Manos – The Cave of Hands in Santa Cruz

The images of hands are negative painted. Most of the hands are left hands, which suggests that painters held the spray pipe with their right hand or

Tianmen Cave – The heaven’s gate mountain in Zhangjiajie

In the year 263 (the sixth year of Wuyong Period of Three Kingdoms), the thousand-meter high cliff of Tianmen Mountain (Songliang) suddenly broke open into a door-like

Medusa – Perseus beheads the legendary monster in Gibraltar

In Greek mythology was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Those who gazed upon

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