Huerta de San Vicente – A piece of Federico Garcia Lorca’s life in Granada

The house is located in Granada’s Park Federico García Lorca, which was inaugurated in 1995. Better known as Huerta de San Vicente, was the García Lorca family’s

Mahandrihono Palace – The house of the King of Imerina in Ambohimanga

A cultural hero and holds near mythic status among the Merina people, and is considered one of the greatest military and political leaders in the history of

Saint Kitts and Nevis Government House – The beautiful official residence of the governor in Basseterre

Morgan House – The mansion of British colonial architecture in Kalimpong

Wallblake House – The only surviving plantation house on the island in The Valley

A heritage building, built in 1787 by Will Blake, a sugar grower. In the 1800s, when Anguilla experienced severe drought, the estate resorted to raising economic crops

Lou Kau Mansion – The historical traditional house in Macau

The building was built around 1889 as a home of Lou Kau, a prominent Chinese merchant. Lou Kau Mansion is a two-storey, traditional grey-brick courtyard house, with

Cube houses – The set of innovative houses in Rotterdam

The houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom. Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested

Huis de Vijf Werelddelen – The eccentric House of the Five Continents in Antwerp

The house, probably the most original Art Nouveau structure in the city, nicknamed “‘t Bootje”, due to the second-floor loggia in the form of a ship’s prow

Snail House – The unusual gastropod house in Sofia

One of the local attractions, the house producing the illusion that the gigantic snail crawl along the lane. The Snail House is actually a residential area. The

Mandarin’s House – The traditional Chinese residential in Macau

It was the residence and family home of the late Qing theoretician and reformist Zheng Guanying. Mandarin’s House was built in 1869 by Zheng Guanyin’s father Zheng

El Capricho – The Orientalist period of Gaudí in Comillas

Villa Quijano is a summer country house. It was built from 1883 to 1885, around the same time as Gaudí’s Casa Vicens and the Güell pavilions in

Borujerdi House – A traditional historic house museum in Kashan

It was built in 1857 by architect Ustad Ali Maryam for the bride of Borujerdi, a wealthy merchant. The bride came from the affluent Tabātabāei family, for

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