Pelican Point Lighthouse – The holiday lighthouse in Walvis Bay

A lighthouse overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Pelican Point, a long sandbar guarding Walvis Bay. It was opened by the South African government in 1932. The round,

Adziogol Lighthouse – The vertical lattice hyperboloid structure of steel bars in Rybal’che

The lighthouse was built in 1911 by Vladimir Shukhov. The one-story keeper’s house sits inside the base of the tower. At a height of 64 meters, it

Klein Curacao lighthouse – The iconic pink tower in Klein Curaçao

Right in the middle of the 1.7 square kilometers uninhabited island, stands the lighthouse. The only structures on the island are the old lighthouse, a beach house,

Hraunhafnartangi Lighthouse – One of the Northernmost Spots on the Mainland of Iceland in Raufarhöfn

The Lighthouse is on the northeast coast of Iceland. It is located about 800 meters south of the Arctic Circle. The light tower is square, 19 meters

Port Said Lighthouse – One of the world’s first buildings with reinforced concrete in Port Said

One of the most important architectural landmarks in the city. A unique example for the evolution of architecture during the nineteenth century in the city, the lighthouse

Torre de Hércules – The world’s only Roman lighthouse still in operation in A Coruña

An ancient Roman lighthouse, was known as the “Farum Brigantium”. This unique construction has a rectangular plan, each side of it measuring approximately 11.75 meters and a

Slettnes Lighthouse – The North Cape Light in Gamvik

Aniva Lighthouse – The lighthouse of the edge of the world in Sakhalin

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